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How important is it to have a business plan?

A good business plan is an invaluable tool for any business owner, whether you are just starting a new enterprise, expanding or changing strategic direction. It is true that if ...

How can I secure financing to grow my business?

External financing can be found in many forms and the internet is a useful tool to educate yourself on where to find financing for your business. Several websites including Women’s ...

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Why Focus on Women Entrepreneurs?

One of the hardest career tracks to choose is entrepreneurship, and it’s even more difficult for women. Times have changed, the glass ceiling has a million cracks, and women business ...



Initiatives for Women Entrepreneurs in the News

The Lang and O’Leary Exchange In April, the CBC’s Lang and O’Leary ...

A Note From Joanne as the Project Ends

To the entrepreneurs, project advisors, business coaches and supporters – I want ...

What Does Entrepreneurship Mean for Newcomers?

Entrepreneurial Pathways for Refugees and Other Newcomers One of the initial questions ...


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Infographic: The Rise of Women Entrepreneurs

Check out this new infographic created by the very talented Rosa Tang. Rosa was an intern on the WE – Community project team and has gone on to a great new job at Vancity credit union. This infographic really does a great job of explaining  the economic impact of women-owned businesses in BC and the challenges […]

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Millennials Taking the Lead

I am a Millennial, a 25 year old entrepreneur born and raised in Canada’s capital. The Millennials are leaders, entrepreneurs, pleasant, polite and see the purpose of business as societal development. Pursuing a career in the corporate world is simply not the first option. We are choosing positions where we can make a difference and […]

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Are Women’s Financial Responsibilities Growing?

It’s been said that women’s financial responsibilities are growing faster than their knowledge? If so, what does this mean for women and what are some ways that women can increase their financial knowledge? And why should they? I wouldn’t say that women’s financial responsibilities are growing. We have always had responsibility for the domestic financial […]

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Do Immigrant Entrepreneurs Face Different Challenges?

What are some reasons why immigrants decide to become entrepreneurs when they come to Canada?  Are there any particular challenges that newcomer women may face regarding launching and growing a business? Immigrants become entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons. Some come with the intention of entering the business sector while others become entrepreneurs after they […]

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It’s back! Vertality3 is the third annual celebration of Vancouver’s business and social change community. Bringing together the best in business, sustainability, and innovation, Vertality is Vancouver’s social change bash for getting the Spring started. On March 14, join hundreds of Vancover’s top changemakers in a first-class celebration of of new beginnings and everything green […]

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What should you know about corporate structures for your business?

What should women entrepreneurs – who often start their businesses from home – consider with regard to corporate structure, financing or otherwise, as their business grows? One of the first matters you, as an entrepreneur, should think about is the appropriate form of business organization to suit your business needs. Left unresolved, the default is […]

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